We are a boutique marketing and design agency founded on the principle of providing exceptional service in high caliber, insightful brand consulting and unique emotive visual design solutions, for websites, printed collateral and digital communication.

From an early age, founding director Mark Shaw has displayed a passion for visual expression, whether harmony through fluidity of movement, color vibrancy or the many wonderful nuances of texture;  regardless of medium, he has above all bench-marked his creations on their capacity to discharge an aesthetical emotive statement.

Having enjoyed a multi-faceted career in photography, design, printing, marketing, sales and brand management with some of the world’s most beautiful and highly respected brands, this complexity of experience has afforded him the unique opportunity of working in the commercial world with a business view from every perspective; an advantage affording  a clear understanding of the full mechanics of commerce.

Mark’s foundation is within photographic arts and design ― these techniques forming  the cornerstone of his creativity ― yet his cumulative experience and skill-set covers a wide gamut of commercial experience, thus Emotivize is able to offer its creative, consultative marketing and design services for a wide spectrum of businesses.

With the turn of the millennium, and as design entered into the digital age, Mark has transposed these traditional, time-proven techniques into the marvel of modern visual communication, at every opportunity aiming to achieve emotive and engaging results.

Above all, Emotivize takes pride in always doings its best to exceed our valued patron’s expectations through the  mastery of perfection we infuse into all the projects we undertake, yet delivered in a timely manner,  and with exceptional support service throughout.

With over thirty years’ of branding and creative experience, we implement our savvy with the sole purpose of stimulating and engaging people’s emotions through beautiful visual feasts, reflective of the individual brand style of those valued patrons who engage our services.

  • Comprehensive thirty year experience in premium and luxury goods marketing and creative design services

  • Expert guidance on emotive customer engagement

  • Comprehensive studio and location professional photographic knowledge – digital and print

  • Exceptional skills in credible, emotive image enhancement and post production photography.

  • Expert marketing support services to secure more distinctive communication for increased revenue

  • Front-side website design and execution with effective support tools for increased visibility and traffic

  • Global advertising and media planning and execution

  • Corporate identity and branding

  • External PR and media agency directorship

  • Savvy counseling on key guidelines for premium and luxury goods products, POS design and manufacturing processes

  • Excellent long-standing relationships with key publications