Image enhancement requires assiduous attention to detail and expert knowledge in photographic techniques with a very clear understanding of the nuances of how light interacts with different subject matter. These days it is not uncommon to see images in magazines and posters which look fake and not credible. This is because the enhancement process has not followed the delicate nuances of realism, or possesses elements which do not reflect the natural subtle patterns of light and shadow.

What is most interesting is nobody needs to be a designer to pick out fake elements within an image. Simply put, our eyes view millions of images each and every day, and over time everything we see is memorized as reality. So although some people may not be able to pinpoint the exact conflicting element within an enhanced image,  everyone can still differentiate truth from fiction.

for this reason, at Emotivize we take image manipulation with utmost seriousness and remain 100% committed to the ideal of creating images which are not only beautiful but also credible and realistic. We benchmark our designs on over 20 years experience within traditional photographic art and lighting techniques and apply these with extreme care; sagely considering every aspect of the image as a whole, so the finished result combines all elements in harmony.

Highlights, shadows and reflections are assiduously applied, in such a manner, some images require many hours of painstaking manipulation, in some instances, the master document exceeding one gigabyte in size, combining dozens of different layers, each playing its small part in achieving a near perfect finished result.


When it comes to image enhancement of watches and jewelry, these intricate products can prove especially challenging because of their diminutive size. As such, eliminating intrusive distractions such as small specs of dust during the initial photographic phase it is near impossible since these are clearly picked up by the excellent optics of a modern high grade macro lenses, albeit almost invisible to the naked eye. Equally, in many instances it is extremely difficult to accurately illuminate the many facets of beautiful gems or the exquisite details of the master’s expert goldsmithing, and so this is where expert product knowledge is required to achieve excellent post-photoshoot results.

STUDIO photography

Although studio environments allow for great lighting control, and the opportunity to achieve exceptional photographs, the advent of digital imaging affords the photographer far greater possibilities to create exquisite images and the tools to accomplish this are almost limitless. Yet, regardless of these many wonderful advances, only those photographers who possess natural flair and immense visionary skill with an eagle eye for detail are able to achieve the most beautiful results.


In this nautical selection, you can view examples of images for a company which designs and produces transparencies, windshields and windows for original equipment manufacturers within the motorboat industry. There are many fine examples of the importance of ‘emotive visual communication’; photographs which have been completely transformed into excellent mood shots, since most of the original images were captured in very busy “dry” location trade shows.



A fine selection of high quality images transformed from everyday non-eventful originals. This company designs and produces canopies windows and other transparencies for iconic aeronautical manufacturers such as Boeing, Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin. Many of the transparencies they produce can be seen in famous aircraft such as the Lockheed C-130 “Hercules” and celebrated helicopters such as the Sikorsky UH-60 “Black Hawk”, and Boeing CH-47 “Chinook”, to mention a few.



In these examples one can see the problems encountered when photographing subject matter located behind a pane of glass. Even when using a top quality dual rotating polarizing filter to capture such photographs, it is impossible to eliminate all stray reflections.



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If you would like to know more about our high quality post production and image enhancement techniques, please drop us a line and we shall be delighted to discuss your photographic and graphic image requirements with great interest.