The foundation of our creative art lies within traditional photographic art and design, and these

time-proven, long established techniques have become the cornerstone for our creative

output; infusing within all our designs an emotive element to awaken the senses ―

Slide It is said of our five senses, sight is the most dominant; indeed it is so powerful it often will eclipse the rest. So at Emotivize we believe there is no better way to convey a message than through visual communication. Whether in magazines, TV, through websites, or social media, all of us will from time to time view incredibly powerful images which instil within the core of our essence overwhelming emotions; be it joy, anger, dismay, desire, empathy or even revulsion ― they move us; and the most powerful will linger, …linger long after we first gazed upon them.

Every brand requires a message to convey its product or service, and for all it involves engaging the public to sustain and generate new business; for a very successful few, adoring fans. Thus when we think about the most sought after brands, they all share a nexus: the ability to instil feelings of passion within our hearts. For the most powerful and successful, it is a love affair with the public.

For this reason, it is absolutely essential for a brand to define and convey its brand philosophy with great clarity so as to secure its own unique ‘image’ identity. If this is done effectively, over time a deep rooted public perception will be established to such a point, regardless of location or culture, there will come to exist a singular perception regardless of the brand’s following.

If one thinks of established super brands such as Cartier, Ferrari, Rolex, Harrods, Apple or even Coca-Cola, all of these share one thing in common: No matter where a person may live or what lifestyle they pursue, for the most part our perception of these brands will be consistent, regardless of following or inclusion.

Equally all of these brands share another common thread: to zealously protect and communicate their message through visual feasts to entice the public to become a part of their brand or at the very least sustain their very powerful sense of desirability.At Emotivize we uphold these brand principles as true and they are at the core of our design philosophy — indeed emotive engagement is our namesake. Thus where visual communication and branding are concerned, we believe nothing is more essential or powerful than generating an emotive response than beautiful images captured through creative photography.






If you would like to know more about our professional photographic and imaging services, please drop us a line and we shall be delighted to discuss your personal visual communication requirements with great interest.