NIKON F w 105mm

Fashion and jewellery could definitely be considered as two peas in a pod, and yet the techniques for

achieving excellent results when photographing people and gems could not be more disparate ―

NIKON F w 105mm

Slide In an age where women are expected to look picture perfect, (impossible in reality) we feel there has been a complete loss of focus on what these images are trying to convey, to the point where most images appearing in the glossies are so re-worked, the women look more like shop-window mannequins than human beings with a soul. Thankfully this completely artificial presentation of people is now been frowned upon and even shunned in certain quarters.

By contrast, we have always believed in post-production retouching as a way to enhance the natural beauty of subject matter. Essential is to exemplify the beauty within any image, and stop short of creating anything which is a departure from reality, unless a client so requests it, or the finished image is specifically intended to convey fantasy.

Above all we play with the subtle nuances of light and shadow and work these carefully so as to enhance every aspect of the final image. Notwithstanding, we always strive to keep a realistic natural looking result, in such a manner the natural beauty and realism is never lost.

This philosophy can of course be applied to inanimate objects as well, and our comprehensive experience with jewellery is no exception. As with people’s bone structure and complexion, a clear understanding of how light interacts with the facets of a gem is critical, yet incredibly difficult to capture within a frozen image.

When we look at gems, it is the beauty of how light dances on the stone’s many facets which ultimately give one its unique soul. Capturing this transient ‘living’ beauty in a single shot is a secret which requires immense skill to ‘freeze’ yet never lose the natural, distinct and breath-taking beauty of its very unique character.











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